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Why switch to natural & organic cosmetics?

Switching to natural and organic cosmetics is to become aware of what is good for our health, our skin and our body.
But it also means being respectful of our environment and protecting our planet.
This article will allow you to understand what natural and organic cosmetics are. It will help you understand the importance of having a more eco-responsible beauty routine.

What are the differences between natural and organic cosmetics? 

The organic cosmetics are products made from ingredients from organic farming. We therefore do not find in its composition pesticides, chemical herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, these are GMO-free products and free of chemical preservatives, artificial flavors, and additives. To be labeled organic, at least 95% of the ingredients it contains must be of natural origin. Different certification bodies exist, such as EcoCert, for example.

The natural cosmetics, meanwhile, are made from ingredients that come from or are extracted from nature (vegetable or mineral). However, these ingredients do not necessarily come from organic farming. But that does not mean that they contain components harmful to health and the planet! For this it is necessary to learn about the ingredients of the product to know if it has chemical preservatives or artificial flavors: refer to the labels of the products.

Why switch to natural and organic cosmetics?

Your health and your skin will thank you

Your skin absolutely absorbs all the care we apply to it. So if you apply aggressive cosmetics that are composed of harmful ingredients, your skin will return it to you: pimples, irritation etc. The skin is also a barrier against external aggressions, it protects your skin from the sun and helps regulate your body temperature. It is so precious for your health and the well-being of your organism, so protect it.

You limit your impact on our planet

Choosing natural and organic cosmetics is also choosing cosmetics that respect our planet. On the one hand because the manufacturing of the ingredients does not contain GMOs, pesticides, artificial flavors and many other components harmful to our environment. On the other hand because most of the time the packaging and the packaging of an organic cosmetic product is worked to limit the production of waste, with for example recycled paper, by limiting overpackaging or by opting for glass. And all that is important when you know that 75 tonnes of cosmetic and hygiene product waste are thrown away each year in France.

Organic and natural cosmetics are just as effective as cosmetics based on synthetic products!

The innovation of organic and natural cosmetics has not stopped evolving in recent years. Indeed, "green science" has worked miracles. Today there are products for all types of skin: oily, dry, normal, acne…
In addition, these are products that you can use at any time in your life, including during pregnancy (provided you opt for organic products without essential oils).

Organic and natural cosmetics are glamorous and sensory!

Long gone are the days when organic cosmetics had unpleasant smells or textures. Today, the offer has grown enormously and sensoriality is at the heart of the products. Brands are reinventing themselves every day by offering cosmetics with pleasant smells and refined packaging.

And what about melchior & Balthazar?

All our products are Ecocert certified, they are natural and organic!
The composition of each product is clean, we do not use any components harmful to your health. 

100% organic & natural

Our argan oil is 100% pure, and contains nothing but argan oil! It is GMO and EDTA free, silicone free and paraben free. 
Its container is made of glass, 100% recyclable unlike the plastic that ends up in our oceans. The packaging is made of recycled paper, FSC certified.

organic, natural and above all CLEAN!

All our products, whether for the body or the face, are all 100% clean! They do not contain any harmful ingredients for your body and your skin. All our products are WITHOUT silicones, WITHOUT parabens, WITHOUT aluminum, WITHOUT mineral oils, WITHOUT phosphates etc.

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