Solutions for combination skin

Brilliance on the T-zone? Imperfections appear on the forehead? Cheeks that dry all day long? You no longer know what to do and which products to use? Having combination skin is sometimes complicated to manage, it is a real headache because it is both oily and dry skin. Do not panic there are solutions to find the balance of your skin.

What is combination skin?

Combination skin is both oily and dry skin. It is a skin in excess of sebum on the T zone (forehead, nose, chin) and in lack of it on the cheeks. She is often unpredictable, unbalanced and easily irritated. Combination skin is often treated as oily skin, using products that are far too aggressive for the epidermis.

The causes of combination skin?

Combination skin can be mixed in nature. But several factors may have made it mixed over time:

External aggressions:
stress, tobacco, pollution and alcohol undeniably influence the production of sebum in your T zone.

A bad beauty routine:
you juggle between facial oil, overly aggressive scrub, layering of creams; all this just unbalances your skin.

A diet sweet, rich in saturated fats or industrial products tend to create and support combination skin.

Hormonal changes: some birth control pills can also affect the imbalance in your skin.

The signs of combination skin? 

  • Your T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) is more oily than the rest of your face, but it stays localized,
  • You have them large pores on the T-zone
  • You have dull skin sometimes,
  • Your cheeks are sometimes dry, and your face occasionally tugs,
  • You have some imperfections that may appear.

Remedies for combination skin 


  • The basis of good skin is to drink water (1,5L to 2L per day): your skin will be radiant.
  • Favor raw vegetables, which without cooking, retain all their vitamins, this will give radiance to your complexion. 


  • Protect yourself from the sun. Even if you get the impression that it helps dry out the T-zone, it's actually quite the opposite. 
    Your skin will retain the excess sebum to explode like a bomb, a few days later. 


  • Take the time to remove make-up.  
  • Do not forget to moisturize your skin.  
  • Make a gentle exfoliation with fine grains, once or twice a week. 
  • Avoid overly abrasive products, which will only further disrupt your skin. Opt for natural and organic products. 

The Melchior and Balthazar solution

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Argan oil has been used for centuries for its moisturizing cosmetic properties. Melchior and Balthazar went to get her in Morocco, in a small town in the Agadir region.
Argan Melchior and Balthazar oil is composed of 100% ingredients of natural origin and comes from organic farming.
With this Roll-On you will be able to target areas of your face lacking hydration. 

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Melchior and Balthazar imagined and created this exceptional soap with orange blossom. It ensures a gentle exfoliation of the skin thanks to very fine pieces of loofah
It is cold saponified, handmade and 100% natural. 
This soap is composed organic vegetable oils, organic shea butters and cocoa.
The smell of orange blossom is said to be relaxing, which will make you travel in the Mediterranean.   

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