Rising Sun Ritual

The Rising Sun Ritual was designed to meet the new challenges of anti-aging prevention:

  • Use 100% natural and healthy products. 
  • Obtain better results than conventional cosmetic products with visible effectiveness in the short and long term by targeting the various mechanisms responsible for aging (tests carried out in vitro and in vivo, not tested on animals). 
  • Offer a beauty experience pleasing to the senses, while subscribing to a simplified beauty routine thanks to multifunctional products. 
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Between Mongolia and China, we explored neighboring territories of the Gobi desert, in the purest and pristine lands to discover the Goji berries.

The plant is cultivated in altitude, in regions near the Himalayas, from Inner Mongolia to Kashmir. Its small red-orange berries are reputed to be excellent for health, both a source of energy and protective for the body.


Fruits of Lycium barbarum, a shrub that grows in Asia, goji berries have been seducing for almost 2 years for their unique properties. Goji berries have played an important role in Asian medicine for several centuries. We carried out 000 years of research in order to create the Goji Berry Totum. It concentrates all the power and strength of this legendary fruit.

The collection of the rising sun with the Goji berry Totum acts on two main axes to prevent aging and degradation of the skin: the anti-wrinkle effect and the fight against oxidative stress. 


At the edge of the desert, we met a welcoming, human, hardworking population. We were greeted with respect and it was with great humility that we were presented with their exceptional know-how in growing Goji berry.

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