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Melchior & Balthazar products are created and valued in France to ensure their excellence and offer products of uncompromising quality.
These are tailor-made products created in small productions to match the needs of women.

Candles - Melchior & Balthazar

LA Candle making


in Saint Jean d'Elle (Normandy)

All Melchior & Balthazar candles are handcrafted in France, in our own workshop.
They are created from soy wax, an entirely natural wax that does not diffuse any polluting component that can cause headaches.
It is also in this workshop that we prepare your orders.

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The manufacturing stages of Melchior & Balthazar candles

Creams - Melchior & Balthazar


NAHO (subcontractor)

in Lunel (Occitanie)

The packaging of our creams is done by our subcontractor Naho. Their laboratory is based on 10 years of experience. They are experts in natural cosmetics.

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Soaps | Melchior & Balthazar


KARANDJA (subcontractor)

La Ciotat (Normandy)

Melchior & Balthazar soaps are entirely handmade. they come from a cold saponification process.
This traditional method of making soaps consists of mixing the ingredients cold without cooking in a cauldron. Each soap then dries and hardens for more than 8 weeks after the start of the saponification reaction.

Glass making


Le Tréport (Normandy)

The Glass Valley is the world's leading center for luxury bottles. All of the glass in the bottles of our products is manufactured by Glass Vallée. This unique expertise in the world is part of the tradition of luxury "made in France".

Our logistics


Saint-Lô (Normandy)

The APEI Center-Manche works to support, represent and defend the interests of people with disabilities and their families.
The person with a disability, whatever the nature of their impairment, is first of all an ordinary and unique person.
They are the ones who prepare our packages for our points of sale.
It is now a chance and a pleasure to work alongside them.

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