Oriental Ritual

The Ritual of the Orient was designed to meet all the primary needs of the skin, hygiene and hydration.

Use 100% natural and healthy products.
Obtain better results than conventional cosmetic products with visible effectiveness in the short and long term by targeting the various mechanisms responsible for aging (tests carried out in vitro and in vivo, not tested on animals).
Offer a beauty experience pleasing to the senses, while subscribing to a simplified beauty routine thanks to multifunctional products.


The Arganeraie is a region in the south of Morocco known as the "golden triangle". Indeed, it is the only place in the world where the Argan tree thrives, known for centuries for the cosmetic virtues of its fruits. They are cold pressed to extract an exceptional quality oil. This know-how is transmitted between women from generation to generation.


Argan oil hydrates, revitalizes and softens the epidermis, leaving the skin radiant and radiant. This extra virgin oil, pure and organic, is very effective against chapping and dryness caused by the summer sun and the cold winter. It improves the elasticity and firmness of the tissues and thus helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.


Argan Melchior & Balthazar oil comes from the Aït Baha women's cooperative.
This cooperative was created to boost activity in this remote region. Our program respects the values ​​of fair trade by valuing the work of these women. Fair remuneration allows them to support their families and provide education for their children.